Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Painter

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Painter

17 March 2022
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Most people only have their homes painted a few times in their lives. So, shopping around for a home painter may not be something you're too familiar with. To ensure you hire a home painter who does the type of work you want, it's important to ask the right questions. Here are some of those questions.

What brand of paint do they use?

There are several good paint brands out there. Each painter tends to have their own preference. Or, they might use a couple of different paints, selecting the one they think is best suited to each job. If you ask what brand or brands the painter uses, you can then do some research into those brands and make sure you like what you see. You want to hire a painter who uses a brand you like.

Does the painter batch their paint?

Batching paint is when a painter buys several containers of the same color and then mixes them all together before painting with them. This is an extra step, but it makes sure that the color is completely uniform across the space. (Each individually tinted gallon of paint may be slightly different.) You might pay a little more to hire a residential painter who batches their paint as this extra step takes time. However, if you're painting a really well-lit space where slight differences in color will be obvious, it's worth hiring a painter who batches their paint.

Does the painter patch holes, remove popcorn, and do other preparatory work?

Most homes need some sort of preparatory work done before they're re-painted. Your walls may need to have some holes patched. Your ceilings may have popcorn that needs to be stripped away. Ask the painter if they do this work. If they do not, you may need to hire a separate contractor to do the preparation before the painter begins their work. Or, you can find a different painter who also does these preparatory steps. It's often simplest to hire a painter who does prep because then you're only signing one contract and paying one company.

In most areas, there are plenty of companies you can hire to paint your home. So, it is worth interviewing a few of them to see what each one has to offer before you make your choice. Ask the questions above and listen closely to the answers.

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