Common Chimney Repair Questions

Common Chimney Repair Questions

2 June 2020
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A chimney can be a vital component of your fireplace as it will provide for safe ventilation. While a chimney can be an impressive and durable part of your home, it is also at risk of suffering potentially significant damages that will require professionals to repair.

Can Failing To Sweep The Chimney Result In Damage To It?

One of the most basic types of maintenance that you can do for your chimney will be to have it professionally swept. This will remove debris and soot that has collected in it over time. Unfortunately, failing to have the chimney swept on a regular basis can cause damage to the interior lining of the chimney. This is due to the corrosive attributes that large amounts of soot can have. Eventually, it can result in the interior lining developing cracks or other weak points in it.

Are Cracks In The Exterior Always A Sign Of A Serious Structural Problem?

Cracks on the exterior of the chimney can be among the more noticeable types of damage that it can experience. Unfortunately, homeowners that fail to have these smaller cracks repaired in a prompt manner can find themselves faced with serious structural problems with their chimney. For example, these cracks can grow in size and depth until they are able to cause the bricks and mortar in the chimney to fail. Repairing these cracks should always be given a high priority as they can become serious enough to actually result in the chimney collapsing onto the roof.

How Would You Know If The Interior Lining Of The Chimney Has Suffered Damage?

Damage to the interior lining of the chimney can be one of the more difficult problems to discover, but it can also be among the most serious. If this lining becomes compromised, it may actually allow noxious fumes from the chimney to seep into the home. This can cause serious health problems for those inside the home, and it can also lead to structural damage. These fumes will be extremely hot, and this can damage vinyl and wood components of the home as well as wiring. Regular chimney inspections are the best way to discover this issue before it becomes a major problem. These inspections may allow for these weak points to be discovered and repaired proactively. Luckily, most chimney repair services can offer this type of interior inspection so that you will know whether repairs will have to be scheduled.