What Types Of Things Can Cause Septic Tank Drainfield Issues?

What Types Of Things Can Cause Septic Tank Drainfield Issues?

10 November 2020
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There are various parts of your home's septic tank system that have to be in proper condition in order for your septic tank to work like it's supposed to. It's easy to forget about components like the drainfield, but it is important for your drainfield to be in good shape if you want your septic system to work like it is supposed to. You could be wondering what could cause problems with your septic tank drainfield. Of course, the best way to find out what might be wrong with your septic tank drainfield — and what might have caused the issue in the first place — is to hire a professional. These are a few examples of the different things that can cause septic tank drainfield issues, however.

Not Having the Right Type of Soil

First of all, even though your drainfield might have seemed to work properly in the past, there is a chance that it was doomed from the start due to the wrong type of soil. If this is the case, then additional soil might have to be brought in, and other steps might have to be taken so that you can use your drainfield with minimal issues in the future.

Compacting the Soil

One major mistake that many homeowners make with their septic tanks is compacting the soil. There are a few things that can cause this, but one of the most common is making the mistake of driving or parking on top of the drainfield itself. Be aware of where your drainfield is located, and make sure that you and your family members do not drive or park in this area of your property. If damage has already been done, a professional should be able to help you get your drainfield back in good shape.

Planting Trees or Shrubs in the Wrong Place

It is important to be aware of where your septic tank drainfield is and to keep your drainfield in mind when landscaping your property. After all, if you plant trees or shrubs in the area, you have to worry about their roots causing issues with your drain lines. If you have already planted trees or shrubs in this area of your property, they might have to be removed, and repairs might have to be done to your drain lines.

As you can see, there are a few different types of things that can cause septic tank drainfield issues. If there is something wrong with your drainfield, a septic tank drainfield repair service should be able to find and address the problem. They can also give you advice to help you avoid damaging your septic tank drainfield again in the future.