Exterior Window Remodeling Tips

Exterior Window Remodeling Tips

30 November 2020
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It may be hard to believe, but it is possible to change the way your home looks and feels by switching out your old windows with new windows. New windows have the capability of improving your home's curb appeal and brightening up your interior space. If you are in the process of remodeling your home, here are a few exterior window remodeling ideas.

Arch-Top or Gable-Style Windows

Adding a half- or even full-circle window over the top of an existing window or door can help to increase the amount of natural light that enters a space while also creating a very elegant look to the home. The curved lines of these windows can add a touch of softness while the straight lines help to balance the overall appearance.

Colored Frames

When it comes to the window frames, you do not have to stick to a standard hue like white or beige. There are so many different colors that are available to you that can allow your windows to stand out against your siding. Painted frames can help to enhance the overall appearance of your home.

Window Walls

If you have a large wall in a living room or dining room that you aren't sure what to do with, you may want to consider using it as a wall of windows. You can use several large windows that will utilize the height and width of the wall, ensuring that the wall's primary goal is to bring in as much natural light as possible for the space. This can be done in any room of the home.

French Doors

To add a bit of character and elevate the appearance of your home, you may want to consider replacing some of your windows with French doors. You can even install a series of French doors into a certain wall to create a panoramic view, which can expand the living area and embrace the outdoors more. These are very popular in the bedroom leading outside or in the living room leading out onto the patio.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows look great in a variety of rooms in your home and help to add visual appeal to the interior and exterior of your home. For added light and ventilation, these windows can be flanked with single-hung or casement windows. A bay window consists of three windows that have various widths and create an angled look extending from the wall. A bow window consists of several windows (usually at least four) that are typically the same size and form a curved arch. In many cases, a window seat is added beneath either style on the interior of the home to create additional seating.

For more information, contact a contractor in your area about exterior window remodeling.