Unique Plumbing Fixtures To Add In Your Home

Unique Plumbing Fixtures To Add In Your Home

16 December 2021
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When you're planning a home renovation, one of the things you should think about is the plumbing fixtures that you install along the way. Remodeling and renovating are great opportunities to upgrade your plumbing fixtures for aesthetics or convenience. In fact, there are all sorts of plumbing fixtures that can not only look great but can also help you make your daily life easier. Here are a few fixtures that you should be thinking about.

Pot Filler Faucet

For those who do a lot of cooking, and spend a lot of time boiling pasta, potatoes, or even canning, lugging full pots of water between the sink and the stove can be uncomfortable and sometimes physically difficult. 

If you're planning a kitchen remodel, you should talk with your plumber about incorporating a pot filler faucet by the stove. These faucets collapse on an articulated arm so that you can fold them back against the wall when you aren't using them, but then they telescope out over the stove to fill a pot when necessary.

Technologically Advanced Faucets

With smart home technology taking over so many aspects of your home, why not incorporate it into your plumbing fixtures as well? There are a variety of smart faucets and fixtures that you can include as part of your remodel.

Smart kitchen faucets can be controlled through your smart home devices and will accept commands including things like turning on and off the faucet and even dispensing predetermined amounts of water. 

There are also motion-sensor and tap-controlled faucets that minimize contact with the fixtures. This is ideal when you're dealing with bathroom fixtures because it helps to minimize the spread of germs.

Rain-Style Shower Fixtures

When your shower is a part of your remodel, you should talk with your plumber about upgrading your shower fixtures to rain-style shower fixtures. These create a shower environment that's reminiscent of a rain shower with moderate pressure drops coming from the showerhead. Many people enjoy the calming, soothing environment that these showerheads create, and they are an easy option to install when you work with a plumber.

Plumbing fixtures vary nearly as much as home decor does, so there's sure to be some fixtures out there that fit what you're looking for. Sometimes, your plumber might even be able to help you create custom plumbing fixtures to truly personalize your renovation. No matter what your ultimate goal might be, talk with your plumbing contractor today for more information.