Three Siding Options For A Home Addition

Three Siding Options For A Home Addition

4 January 2022
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A home addition will increase your residence's usable space, whether you want a home office, extra play space for your children, or living quarters for an elderly family member. When you're planning a home addition, your primary focus may be on how the interior of the addition looks. It's important, however, for you to also give some thought to the exterior. If your home currently has vinyl siding, it will make sense to opt for this type of siding to cover the exterior of the addition as well. You have a number of options that you can consider. Here are three ways that you can approach the siding for a home addition.

Direct Match

One option that you'll want to consider is choosing vinyl siding that will provide a direct match to the existing siding on your home. If you like the idea of the addition blending into the home — rather than its presence being glaringly obvious from your yard and beyond — this will be a good way to achieve this goal. You'll want to have a local siding contractor visit your home to assess your current siding. They'll be able to take some photographs to ensure that they can recommend new siding that will seamlessly blend in.

Complementary Color

There's a chance that you can't exactly match the new siding with the existing siding. Perhaps the existing siding is in a color that is no longer available, or it has faded in the sunlight to a shade that is difficult to match. In this situation, it may make sense to choose a complementary color of vinyl siding for the addition. For example, if your residence's siding is a gray-blue hue, you might favor blue as the siding for the addition. This color will suit the existing siding but be different enough that it doesn't look as though you tried to make it match.

Contrasting Color

It's possible that you might want your addition to dramatically stand out from the rest of the home. If you're really excited about the addition and want to draw attention to it, you can do so through your choice of siding. Consider choosing a completely different color that will give the exterior of your home a vibrant look. For example, if your home has off-white siding, consider siding for the addition that provides a lot of visual contrast. Options could include green, charcoal, and more.

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