Benefits Of Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

Benefits Of Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

30 March 2022
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As your parking lot gets old, it may experience wear and tear, calling for appropriate maintenance practices. One way of maintaining your parking lot is by applying a seal coat. Parking lot sealcoating begins by cleaning the paved surface to eliminate debris and oil spots and fill potholes and cracks. After this, sealcoating services apply a pavement sealer. Consider performing sealcoating when the weather is dry to allow quick drying of the paving. Here are the pros of sealcoating your parking area.

Weather Protection

Your parking lot is exposed to weather elements, which may cause damage to your paved surface. For instance, water may seep through small cracks and freeze due to low winter temperatures. As temperatures rise, the water may melt and expand. This freeze-and-thaw effect causes the cracks to expand, eventually forming potholes. These cracks can cause damage to car tires, increasing vehicle maintenance costs. Additionally, the sun's UV rays combined with pressure from vehicles and heavy equipment can cause your asphalt paving to crumble over time. Asphalt sealcoating provides a protective layer on your paved surface, ensuring weather protection.

Liability Prevention

A damaged parking lot surface poses a risk to those using your parking area. For instance, if your paved surface has potholes or large cracks, these increase the risk of injuries as parking lot users may trip over the cracks easily. For instance, ankle sprain injuries may be common. When such accidents happen on your property, you may be liable. Hence, you may have to pay for injury treatment of the injured victims, which is costly. Parking lot sealcoating entails sealing cracks and potholes, ensuring a smooth surface. This lowers the risk of injuries, which helps you avoid liability.

Curb Appeal Improvement and Life Span Extension

Parking lots are exposed to the sun's UV rays which may cause the surface to appear dull. Additionally, your parking lot may have visible cracks that may be unattractive. Fortunately, parking lot sealcoating agents make your parking lot appear shiny and more attractive. Moreover, parking lot sealcoating provides a protective layer for your paved area. Thus, your pavement doesn't get damaged easily. A parking area that's in good condition can last for years. Besides, sealcoating helps reduce repair or replacement costs for your pavement.

Parking lot sealcoating improves the appeal of your paved surface, provides weather protection, helps you avoid liability, and increases your parking lot's life span. Consider applying a sealcoat on your parking space to enjoy these benefits.

Contact an asphalt maintenance company, such as Carolina Striping of North Carolina Inc, for more information about parking lot seal coats.