How A Commercial Plumber Might Deal With A Toilet Clog In Your Store

How A Commercial Plumber Might Deal With A Toilet Clog In Your Store

1 July 2022
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Commercial plumbing is often more abused than the plumbing in your home. Some of your customers may flush things in a commercial toilet that they would never flush in their own toilet at home. That can lead to problems with backups and clogging.

Have a commercial plumbing service you can call for quick help when your building has a clogged drain. Having your toilets and or sinks out of service could be inconvenient for your customers. Here's how a commercial plumbing service might deal with a clogged toilet drain.

When An Individual Toilet Is Clogged 

If a single toilet is clogged in a bathroom with multiple toilets and sinks, the problem is probably just in the one toilet drain. In that case, the plumber might use a wire auger to clear the clog. This involves sending the end of the auger down the toilet drain to snag paper and pull it back out of the toilet.

The plumber may need to do this several times to pull out all of the paper and clear the clog. This could involve flushing the toilet multiple times to add water and move the clog through. If necessary, the plumber can adjust the amount of water that comes out with each flush so the toilet doesn't overflow. The full amount of water can be restored once the clog has cleared.

Once the plumber has cleared the clog and the toilet is functioning, you'll want your janitorial crew if you have one to clean and disinfect the area around the toilet, especially if water or waste got on the floor.

When The Main Sewer Line Is Clogged

A clogged sewer line is more serious since none of your toilets or sinks will drain when the sewer line is clogged. Instead of working indoors through a toilet, the plumber will probably work outside through the plumbing cleanout. The cleanout opening provides direct access to the sewer line without having to snake around bends, so it's convenient to use.

The plumber might use a drain auger or a hydro jet to clear out the clog so water moves freely again. Both choices work well on clogs, but a hydro jet also cleans the inside of the pipe, and that might help prevent a future clog. A hydro jet and an auger will cut through paper clogs and tree roots, so no matter what caused the clog, a commercial plumber can usually get rid of it fast so your plumbing gets back in service for your customers.

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