Great Installation Tips For Residential Impact Windows

Great Installation Tips For Residential Impact Windows

21 October 2022
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Any time you live in an area where there are heavy winds caused by tropical storms, impact windows become an important investment because of how durable they are. Getting this type of window set up on your property won't be difficult if you follow this guideline.

Remove Current Windows From Their Frame 

Before you can begin setting up new impact windows on your home, you'll have to remove the current windows from their frames. This isn't that hard of a process if you know what areas to treat and use the right tools for this window removal.

For instance, you'll want to get a chisel and hammer because these tools will help you break down the seal around the windows holding them in the frame. Once you break apart this seal, you should be able to lift the windows out of their frame.

Sometimes, you may need to take apart the frame before removing the windows they're holding. Just review your specific windows to see what steps will be appropriate for this removal. 

Measure the Old Windows

Once you get the old windows out of their framing, it's a good idea to measure them. You need to do this to see just how big the new impact windows have to be for a proper installation.

Then you should have a much easier time sliding the impact windows into place and getting a totally sealed setup that you don't have to worry about later on.

You can use basic instruments to gather the dimensions of your old windows and as long as you're accurate, getting new impact windows sized perfectly won't be hard. 

Look at Manufacturer Installation Guidelines

Whatever type of impact windows you purchase for your home, the manufacturer who made them should have guidelines for installing them. You want to go through them carefully to see what steps you need to take throughout this installation. They may want you to use certain tools and sealants at the end for instance. 

Just go through these guidelines and make sure your plans for installation comply with them. You can then expect installation to be smooth, ultimately leaving you with impact windows that perform well. 

If you're looking to upgrade your property with durable impact windows for storm purposes, it's a good idea to carefully go through their installation patiently and with the right insights. You can then avoid mistakes and truly maximize this window investment. 

Speak to a contractor to learn more about impact window installation