Landlords, Check the Roof for These Problems Before Your First Tenants Move In

Landlords, Check the Roof for These Problems Before Your First Tenants Move In

7 April 2023
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Being a landlord has its benefits, but it also has its hardships. One of the hardest things landlords often have to face is having a tenant call up and tell them the roof is leaking or has suffered major damage. This is an incident you can't ignore or wait to deal with. You usually have to call a roofer right then and there. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your risk of having to deal with this sort of roof emergency as a landlord. One approach is to thoroughly check over the roof for subtle signs of damage before your tenants move in. Here are the key issues to look for.

Lifted, Cracked, or Broken Shingles

Lifted, cracked, or broken shingles may not be presenting any big problems right now. But all it takes is for a big storm to blow through, and your tenant may find themselves with a big roof leak or a huge missing patch of shingles. So, take a look at all parts of the roof that you can see clearly. If any shingles look like they are lifted along the bottom, or if they are missing corners or parts, contact a roofer. They can replace those shingles now, when the stakes are low and you don't have a tenant waiting.

Mold and Moisture in the Attic

Go into the home's attic and look for any signs of moisture coming in. You might see actual water spots, but you may only see dark spots of mold. You may even just notice a musty or moldy odor. These signs all indicate that moisture is coming into the attic in some way or somehow. You don't have to look for the cause of the leak; a roofer will do that for you. It's best to fix this problem before more water comes in, or before the mold spreads and starts bothering a tenant.

Granules in Downspouts

Check the downspouts of your gutter system, and also look at the ground beneath them. If you see any shingle granules in the area, that is a sign that at least some of your shingles are starting to break down. The broken-down shingles should be replaced because they will likely soon start leaking. (Granules look like little pieces of shiny, gray gravel in case you are wondering.)

If you take care of minor roof problems before tenants move in, you are less likely to have to deal with major roof problems once they are in the unit. Contact roof repair contractors to find out more.