How Do You Repair A Slate Roof That Was Damaged During A Hailstorm?

How Do You Repair A Slate Roof That Was Damaged During A Hailstorm?

27 April 2023
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A hailstorm can cause significant damage to a slate roof. Hailstones fall from the air at high speeds, carrying a lot of momentum with them. Small hailstones can pierce right through slate tile, and large hailstones can chip off large sections of tile. Hailstones aren't the only problem posed by hailstorms, either. High winds can lift up the slate tiles and rip out the nails that secure them to your roof, causing the tile to fall off. 

If your slate roof was damaged by a hailstorm, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent your roof from leaking. To learn how a roof repair service fixes a slate roof that's been damaged by hail, read on.

Perform a Full Roof Inspection

The first step to repair a slate roof that's been damaged by hail is to perform an inspection. A roof repair service will carefully examine all of the slate tiles on your roof and note any cracks, holes, or missing tiles. They'll also inspect the flashing on your roof to see if it was dented or bent by the hail, as damaged flashing around roofing penetrations like a chimney can cause your roof to leak.

Find Replacement Slate Tiles

Once the roof repair service has found all of the damaged tiles, they'll find suitable replacement tiles for them. Slate differs in appearance based on the geographic area it was quarried from. Tiles also change in appearance as they weather due to age. Using tiles that were quarried from the same region and are the same age as the tiles on your roof will give you the best cosmetic results for your roof repair. If exactly matching tiles can't be found, the roof repair service will use slate tiles that are the most similar in color to the ones on your roof.

Replace the Tiles That Were Damaged by Hail

After the replacement tiles have been delivered, the roof repair service will remove all of the damaged tiles on your roof. Slate tiles can be removed quickly using a slate hook, which pulls out the nails that attach the tiles to your roof. After removing a damaged tile, they'll nail down a replacement tile with the same size and thickness as the tile that they're replacing. Once all of your damaged or missing tiles have been replaced, the roof repair service will replace any flashing that was dented or bent by the hailstorm.

If your slate roof has been damaged by hail, call a roof repair service and have it inspected. It's important to repair your roof as soon as you can, as any holes in your slate tiles caused by hail will allow water into your attic, which can cause significant water damage. Replacing all of the damaged tiles and flashing will restore your roof's ability to shield your home from rain, hail, and high winds.