A General Look At How Seamless Aluminum Gutter Installation Is Done

A General Look At How Seamless Aluminum Gutter Installation Is Done

25 May 2023
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Aluminum gutters are an excellent choice when your home needs a new gutter system. Aluminum doesn't rust like steel does, so your gutters need less care. You'll want to be careful about resting a ladder on your gutters though, since aluminum can bend more easily than steel. Your new gutters can probably be installed in a single day. If you're getting new gutters, you should seriously consider the seamless style since they have a lower risk of leaking. Here's an overview of seamless aluminum gutter installation.

The Crew Makes The Troughs At Your Home  

One reason seamless gutters are so popular is that they are custom-made to the exact length of your house so the troughs don't have to be seamed together. Fewer seams mean fewer places to leak. The contractor brings all the supplies needed, including a machine that extrudes the gutters. They take measurements of your house and then they're ready to start making the gutters.

A worker feeds aluminum into the machine. There are various colors to choose from, and all these details are settled when you sign your contract after you get an estimate. The machine pushes out the long gutter trough so it's ready to hang. Before that happens, the contractor has to add the end caps so water doesn't just roll out the ends of the gutter troughs.

Aluminum gutter installation does require a few seams on the end where the downspout is added. The downspout will probably be made of pieces rather than one long tube. The pieces of the downspout may not be secured with adhesive, but fastened with screws so they can be taken apart if needed to clean out a clog later.

The Gutters Are Hung With Fasteners To The Fascia Boards

An important step in aluminum gutter installation is hanging the gutters to the fascia boards. The trough has to be at a slope so rain rolls down to the downspout. Otherwise, water will settle in the trough and cause it to sag. Once the trough has been hung, the downspout is added. The downspout placement is another important step in gutter installation since the water has to run away from your house and not toward it.

The downspout may rest on a splash pad so water won't erode the soil next to your house. The contractor may run water through the gutter troughs to make sure it drains properly and to watch how the water exits the downspout. If everything looks okay, the crew will clean up and leave, and you'll have attractive new gutters that should last for many years.