Judith Caldwell

Are You Ready For A Home Remodeling Project?

11 May 2023
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If you want to get into a home project, remodeling your property is a great idea. It's a terrific way to make some improvements to your home without having to sell your property outright and can be quite beneficial for making your home more suitable to your personal needs. If you are thinking about moving, think about home remodeling instead. Here are some signs you're ready for a home remodeling project. Read More …

How Do You Repair A Slate Roof That Was Damaged During A Hailstorm?

27 April 2023
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A hailstorm can cause significant damage to a slate roof. Hailstones fall from the air at high speeds, carrying a lot of momentum with them. Small hailstones can pierce right through slate tile, and large hailstones can chip off large sections of tile. Hailstones aren't the only problem posed by hailstorms, either. High winds can lift up the slate tiles and rip out the nails that secure them to your roof, causing the tile to fall off. Read More …

Landlords, Check the Roof for These Problems Before Your First Tenants Move In

7 April 2023
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Being a landlord has its benefits, but it also has its hardships. One of the hardest things landlords often have to face is having a tenant call up and tell them the roof is leaking or has suffered major damage. This is an incident you can't ignore or wait to deal with. You usually have to call a roofer right then and there. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your risk of having to deal with this sort of roof emergency as a landlord. Read More …

Revive Your Space With Refinished Hardwood Floors: Benefits And Cost Savings

30 March 2023
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Hardwood floors are an elegant and timeless choice for any home or business, but they can also be quite expensive. Luckily, if you already have hardwood floors installed, refinishing them can breathe new life into your space and save you money in the long run. Refinishing hardwood floors involves sanding down the surface and applying a new finish, giving your floors a fresh and updated look. This is not bad for your floors, and they can be refinished many times without risking the structural integrity of the flooring. Read More …

4 Important Indicators Of When It Is Time For A Residential Propane Refill

9 March 2023
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Some homes rely on propane to power their heating systems and some of their appliances. Homeowners have to order a residential propane refill, or they may have the option of setting up routine deliveries. The best option will depend on personal preferences and anticipated needs. Some individuals favor enrolling in propane refill programs because their energy providers offer perks. It may be difficult for individuals who are not used to relying on propane to recognize the signs that they need to get refills, and routine deliveries can eliminate the guesswork and hassles associated with running low or out of this gas. Read More …