Judith Caldwell

4 Factors That Affect The Durability Of Residential Concrete

16 December 2022
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The goal of residential concrete construction is to achieve great durability. Homeowners and contractors both need to be aware of the factors that affect how durable concrete is likely to be. You and a contractor should discuss these four issues before starting residential concrete work. Preparation of the Site One of the most critical factors is the level of site preparation. Many sites have issues with soil stability, for example. If unaddressed, unstable soil can loosen underneath finished concrete. Read More …

Why Your Business Should Outsource Asphalt Paving Work To A Professional Service

1 December 2022
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Does your building's parking lot look like it's seen better days? Are you beginning to look into what needs to be done to either perform some serious repair on your lot or replace it completely? While your business might have some staffers who are good with doing construction or building maintenance and repair, your parking lot is one area that would be best served by a dedicated professional. Here's why you should outsource the upcoming repair or replacement of your asphalt parking lot to a company that specializes in asphalt paving services. Read More …

Selling Your Home? 2 Remodeling Tips To Increase The Value

17 November 2022
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If you are selling your home, you should consider remodeling because it can increase the value of your home. Below are some remodeling tips to help you get started so you can start planning. You can then have your home valued to see what it is worth. Replace or Repair Siding If your home has siding that is getting old, consider replacing it with new siding. This can make a huge difference in the way your home looks. Read More …

Chute System Types And Scaffolding Equipment

4 November 2022
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Construction workers need a quick and safe way to eliminate damaged or worn materials from a building they are renovating. A debris chute is a system that routes waste materials to the ground level. A chute system is stabilized with the use of a scaffold. Project Types And Chute Systems A chute can be used to route large or small waste items to the ground level. A small modification that is being performed on a home may necessitate the use of a light-duty chute. Read More …

Great Installation Tips For Residential Impact Windows

21 October 2022
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Any time you live in an area where there are heavy winds caused by tropical storms, impact windows become an important investment because of how durable they are. Getting this type of window set up on your property won't be difficult if you follow this guideline. Remove Current Windows From Their Frame  Before you can begin setting up new impact windows on your home, you'll have to remove the current windows from their frames. Read More …