Why To Have A Land Survey Done Before You Build And What Could Happen If You Don’t

24 April 2020
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If you've bought an RV or you've accumulated so much equipment that you don't have room to store it in your garage, it may be time to build an outbuilding on your property. You can build it to fit a class A RV, or you can build a small one for a motorcycle and lawnmowers. First, you'll want to start with a land survey. Here's why a survey is important and what can happen if you construct your new building in the wrong place. Read More …

Choosing The Right Furnace For Your Tiny House

5 January 2016
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With the cost of real estate increasing, many people are turning to tiny houses as a way to save money on their living expenses. If you are thinking of investing in the construction of your own tiny house, it's important that you take the time to carefully consider your options when it comes to installing a furnace. Here are three tips you can use to make sure that you choose the right furnace for your tiny house in the future. Read More …